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About Us

Canadian Community Organization for Women & Youth (CCO4WY) is a unique, volunteer-driven, social, and community service-oriented organization serving the residences of Ontario. We rely on the best practices in the social service sector in delivering our programs and strive to serve Ontarians, residence. CCO4WY believes in a philosophy, that women and community members play a crucial role in strengthening the fabric of the civic society here in the province.

The CCO4WY Involved Youth has improved both individual lives and communities. Lots of street-involved youth and new comers families in this city, CCO4WY served 750 youth and families in 2015, 2016,2017.

Communities We Serve

CCO4WY understand communities. We believe that neighbourhood and community-based approaches that reach out to children, youth and families hold the greatest potential for fulfilling our agency mission. Our governance structure is based on developing community capacity, bound together by a common mission and values, and focused on community accountability. 


CCO4WY has been developed on a foundation of partnership, co-operation, coalition, and involvement of community leaders, funders and youth. As well as being partners in a variety of related organizations, the Board members are active members of advisory and action groups locally, provincially and nationally.

Bashta Noori- President
Mariam Sarwer – Vice President
Asma Azizi – Treasurer
Maham Khan – Secretary
Executive Director Zarmina Nekzai
Asma Azizi
Gullay Habib
Wahida Obaidi
Nadia Wahbi

As a member of CCO4WY you will receive:
    •    Membership card for one year
    •    Right to vote at CCO4WY election
    •    The right to stand for nomination on the CCO4WY Board of Directors
    •    Advance information about our programs and events/ courtesy call to all members
    •    An opportunity to be part of a Board committee and contribute your expertise on specific issues
    •    Support/reference letter on behalf of our members if needed

All memberships are subject to approval by the Board of Directors. To become a member, please contact us Canadian Community Organization for Women and Youth membership is open to any women including the employees, who supports the aims and objectives of the organization, and abide by its regulations and policies.
A reference in the community is required.
Annual Membership Fees are $100.00 per person yearly and all proceeds support CCO4WY Orphanage education project around the globe.


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