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Youth Program


Newcomer youth face numerous unique challenges in their integration journey, such as adapting to a new social and cultural environment, forming new peer connections, succeeding in a new academic environment, and dealing with a different dominant language. They may also encounter racism, discrimination, and trauma from their pre-settlement journey.

The ongoing pandemic has further complicated their situation by disrupting daily life, exacerbating social isolation, and mental health issues. The shift to online learning has been particularly challenging for newcomers due to limited access to technology, lack of conducive home learning environments, and absence of pre-existing social connections.

CCO4WY’s youth program has responded to these challenges by conducting personalized sessions with each newcomer youth to understand their needs and provide immediate and long-term support. Our counsellors have acted as liaisons with school boards, parents, and teachers, providing orientation, information on available services, and advocating for those with special needs.

Our programs have supported young newcomers by organizing social outings to sports and cultural events, offering volunteer opportunities for work experience and high school community hours, and providing academic peer support through our Homework Clubs at Parry Sound International School (PSIS). For more complex issues, we’ve offered one-on- one counselling, access to peer support group sessions, and referrals to specialized services for stress and anger management and dealing with symptoms of depression and anxiety.